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Into Cerberon FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

Category: Main -> About Doom3



What is Doom 3?

Doom 3 is the third game in the Doom series, whose original game, Doom has long been regarded as the first "big" FPS game.

Simply put, Doom was a phenomenon.

Its third sequel is somewhat less so. Opinions vary, but most agree that Doom 3 is a great engine married with weak gameplay that relied less on horror or tactics than simple shock value and twitch action.

Luckily for the Into Cerberon team, by defintion we're throwing away the gameplay ;)

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What is the latest patch for Doom 3 and where can I get it?

The latest patch for Doom 3 is 1.3.1, which allows all four supported platforms (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux on x86, and Macintosh on PowerPC) to play together. Into Cerberon releases 003a and above are for patch 1.3.1.

Because this patch was completed when Doom 3 was almost "dead", it was poorly released, and is not even present on the official Doom 3 website. As a courtesy to our fans, Into Cerberon took the liberty of adding the patch installers to our files area:

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