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News: Cerberon Core Re-Booted

Posted by: HeXetic on Apr 09, 2008 - 05:16 AM
Into Cerberon - Mod News
Our apologies for the downtime here at chmodoplusr.com. Our former hosting company decided to arbitrarily terminate our hosting contract under the pretext that this website was monopolozing the shared server CPU.

Naturally, given the small size and low complexity of the website, such a problem could only have arisen either out of an attack on or a fault in the PostNuke or PNphpBB2 systems. The former web serving company has, to my great disgust, declined to provide logs of the incident, so I'm left in the dark as to what exactly went wrong.

Regardless, hosting companies of their calibre are a dime a dozen, and as you can see, the new one is now functioning just fine. No data whatsoever has been lost.

I have made some configuration changes to try to enhance the anti-flood protection and I will be monitoring the website to ensure that chmodoplusr.com does not cause undue stress on our current webhosts.
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