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A set of shortish stories (about 30 minutes to 2 hours to read each one) set in the world of Faerūn from the "Forgotten Realms" campaign universe (slightly modified) based on the "Dungeons & Dragons" gameplay system. The central characters are Zetic, a human cleric who finds himself in a new life as a dragon, and Isacharact, a white dragon with a considerable legacy to live up to. The stories essentially follow Zetic's lengthy Gulliver's Travels-esque adaptation to the new world-view.

A chronological reading is recommended.

May-June 2012: Currently all stories are being revised and updated.

This list contains those stories whose plotlines I have thought up, in chronological order according to the fictional universe. Hyperlinks go to stories that are written, others are simply ideas in my head - for now. Obviously, this list should at all times be considered incomplete and in flux; more stories may be inserted "between the gaps" at a later time. Furthermore, existing stories will be updated as mistakes are discovered or improvements suggested. Everything on this page is a work-in-progress - and if you see anything that needs to be worked on, let me know! Many of the alterations I've made have been suggested by readers.

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  1. In the Halls of the Zulkir-King (Revised May 2012)
  2. The Turning of the Wyrm (Re-written revised May 2012)
  3. The Courtship of Isacharact (Re-written June 2012)
  4. The Return, and the King Rated PG-13 (Currently being re-written)
  5. At the Court of the Elf-Queen (16 years after "In the Halls of the Zulkir-King")

Pre-Hapax Adventures

  1. Lies and Retribution
  2. Tales of a Thousand and One Knights

Hapax Legomenon storyline (18-19 years after "In the Halls of the Zulkir-King")

  1. The Dragons, the Lich, and the Outpost
  2. Re-forged
  3. The Witch-Queen of Aglarond
  4. Aō, and Beyond the Fifth Rated PG-13

Post-Hapax Adventures

  1. Sword-Breaker [Currently being written]
  2. Friends, You May Choose... (25 years after "In the Halls of the Zulkir-King")
  3. The Hunt for the Horns

Family Storyline

  1. Truth, Limbo, and Reconciliation (30 years after "In the Halls of the Zulkir-King")
  2. ... But Family is Chosen for You (40 years after "In the Halls of the Zulkir-King")
  3. Suffrage
  4. And Then There Were Two (80 years after "In the Halls of the Zulkir-King")

Post-Family Adventures

  1. Wyrmsong
  2. Emissary

If you enjoy the stories, please feel free to recommend them to your friends. If you hated the stories, then I propose you inflict them on your enemies. If you felt they were neither excellent nor trash, then might I suggest you pass a link to this page on to both your friends and your enemies?

- Tim "HeXetic" Gokcen

P.S. Feedback of any kind - especially constructive criticism about my use of language, the writing style, or the believability of the characters or adventures- is welcome!

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