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SYNOPSIS [/Mandrake | /RainThunder | /IntoCerberon]

DESCRIPTION is a repository of works by Tim "HeXetic" Gokcen
	- i.e., *me*, the guy writing this right now - that I want to make
	available to the general public.

	The name comes from the Unix command `chmod' which changes the permissions
	on files. "o+r" indicates that the specified files are to be made world-readable.
	The obvious connection is that the stuff on this website is supposed to be world-
	readable as well.

	Some of the stuff stashed in here:

	/Mandrake	"Chronicles of the Mandrake", a set of fantasy-fiction
		stories set in the Forgotten Realms. The central character is
		"Zetic", a human who, as a result first of an evil wizard and then
		divine intervention, is changed into a Dragon. The stories follow his
		Gulliver's Travels-esque journey of self-discovery and his emotional
		attachment to "Isacharact", a White Dragon.
		Some of the stories in the series are rated PG-13 due to sexuality. There is
		almost no explicit language, but there are references to mature themes.

	/RainThunder	"A Dream of Rain, A Dance In Thunder", a science-fiction
		novel-length story set in a (technically original, but basically a rip-
		off of everything else) universe. The central character is "Makon"
		a calculating augmented human who decides to ruthlessly pursue yet another
		prize... except that this time, the female Naga "Her Excellency the Duchess
		Kalimanassa Mussraaf of Mashir" is not an assassination target...

		Slightly more explicit than Mandrake in terms of sexuality, although I have tried
		to make sure the sexuality is not gratuitous - it almost always involves either
		humor or an important plot point or character aspect.

	/IntoCerberon	"Into Cerberon", a mod for Doom³ that will bring
		the action of the classic 6DOF shooter Descent into the shadow-intensive
		Doom³ engine.

DIAGNOSTICS will return 404 on invalid pages, and possibly a Bandwidth Exceeded
	error if it is used too frequently.


	Report any errors to me at

COMPATIBILITY has been hand-coded and uses simple CSS and JavaScript.
	Almost any browser should be able to support this stuff.

	Most of the stories are published in PDF format. This means you will need something
	that can read Acrobat PDFs - Adobe offers a free reader, but there are also several
	alternatives (especially on Unix). For the most part, the stories do not use advanced
	PDF features - however, seeing as how the official Reader is free and available for all
	major platforms, I make no guarantees about whether third-party PDF readers will work.


	First launched on April 23, 2005. The Mandrake content was originally on my tiny
	ISP homepage which had a massive 5MB maximum storage and some incredibly insignificant
	maximum monthly transfer. I decided to get real hosting and a real domain in order
	to be able to put more stuff up.

HEXETIC				May 15, 2005				   HEXETIC

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